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Artworks Complex

Artworks Music Studios and Residential Complex is an idea that covers all possible musical needs including Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Rehearsing and Lodging. A concept designed and built from scratch according all technical specifications that a modern world-class studio requires.

We imagined an ideal place where anyone’s highest expectations concerning music could be met. All customers can be hosted and entertained in the guest house with it’s swimming pool backyard, make their business appointments in the meeting room-roof garden, rehearse their music in two spacious rehearsal studios and of course produce, record, mix and master in two world class, state of the art studios that can be provided up to the highest possible level.

This project is aimed at record companies, music producers, musicians, audio engineers, bands and generally anyone involved and willing to invest in a world-class music complex situated close to the former national airport of Greece (municipality of Hellinikon), which is one of the greatest targets for real estate investment in Greece.
1) For the time being the project is partially completed as shown in detail in the included presentation, when it is completed it will be the first and only complex at that kind currently in Athens.

The design includes:
a. One rehearsal studio with two acoustical treated rehearsal rooms in the basement floor.
b. One medium-scale recording and production studio on the ground floor.
c. One large-scale recording, production and mastering studio on the 1st floor.

d. A two level three-bedroom guesthouse that includes a lounge bar and exclusive use of the swimming pool and garden.

e. A meeting lounge/office along with a producer’s room and roof garden on the 2nd floor
f. Interior and exterior car parking places and one storage room.

Completed are :

the rehearsal studios fully equipped and running the medium-scale recording studio
the meeting lounge/office and producers room
the interior and exterior car parking and storage room

Uncompleted is :

the large-scale recording studio the guesthouse with the lounge bar

Building Description
1. Underground Areas

The underground part of the building is separated in the three following sections, each one for a separate use :

a) A music rehearsal studio consisting of two rehearsal rooms (30 sq.m. and 40 sq.m.) with independent lounge and coffee bar covering a surface of 135 sq.m.

In a space, specially designed and built for this particular purpose, two floating and totally decoupled rehearsal rooms were built on special platform consisting of concrete and sylomer (elastic anti-vibration material) making it a true room in a room construction. This way we managed to achieve the best possible sound isolation.

Each room is powered by an amazing 6Kw audio power through 2:1 speaker systems. In each room mixing and monitoring is controlled digitally through Avid’s Protools hd2 systems. This way recalling complicated settings of each client is a matter of seconds.

b) 120 sq.m. vehicle parking space

c) Storage room 35 sq.m.

2. Ground Floor

The ground floor of the building with 5.80 m of height consists of two professional properties with loft as described bellow :

a ) recording studio

The first Property on the front part of the building hosts a state of the art recording studio The ground floor 105 sq.m. consists of the studio the reception room and a mini kitchen/bar while on the loft there is a midi room and w.c.

The same construction high standard techniques and acoustic specifications have been followed in the construction of this studio by a certified studio design and construction company.

b) lounge bar / guest house

The second property 120 sq.m. on the rear part of the building consists of a 65 sq.m. ground area with hydraulic and electrical pre-installations for w.c. or bathroom and kitchen or bar depending on the use and 55 sq.m. loft suitable for professional or domestic use with an additional incentive the exclusive use of the 60 sq.m. back yard and the swimming pool.

3. First Floor

The first floor is a single property 5.50 m high. Along with 20 sq.m. of the ground floor loft with pre-installed hydraulics and electric power for two w.c. and kitchen/bar it reaches total of 170 sq.m.

4. Second Floor

On the second floor there is a 80 sq.m. property which consists of an office, a big room, a bathroom a mini kitchen and also a 90 sq.m. terrace.

5. Shared terrace

Also above the second floor there is a 75 sq.m. shared terrace which can be used for 10 kW photovoltaic system for the building needs.


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  • Code: 14121
  • Region: Athens
  • Type: Business
  • Category: For Sale
  • Sq. Meters: 910 m2
  • Year of construction: 2010
  • Distance from sea: 2800 m
  • Distance from airport: 30 km


  • Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Lift

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